Why I’ve Ignored 2018’s Color of the Year

Why I've Ignored 2018's Colors of the Year Paint Company Photos

Color of the Year

Every year there is a major announcement of the Color of the Year. It predicts what color is trending and how you will see it everywhere. So the rush to unveil the colors is everywhere. Fashion runways, home furnishings, accessories – nothing is untouched with the blessed color and there is much fanfare.

Pantone Color of the Year 2018

Pantone Ultra Volet 18-3838

My first introduction to the term “color of the year” was through the Pantone Company.  Pantone is a world renowned authority on color trends. They are hired by major companies for forecasting colors for product design, graphic design, and fashions.  The Pantone choice for 2018 is Ultraviolet.Executive director, Leatrice Eiseman says that ultra violet lights the way for what is to come: exploring galaxies, newer technologies and artistic expressions to name a few.

Ben Moore 2018 color of the year

Caliente  AF- 290 from Benjamin Moore

Just when I thought that I had direction as to what was the hot new “color of the year,” paint companies started getting in lock step with the trend. Pantone’s big reveal of what colors are trending happens in December.  Not to be outdone, Benjamin Moore announces its color of the year. But guess what? Their announcement is in October. This year’s choice from Benjamin Moore is Caliente 

  Sherwin Williams 2018 Color of the Year

Sherwin Williams Oceanside SW 6496

Though they are all very different the one thing that I noticed with these three colors is how deep and rich they are.  Sherwin Williams chose Oceanside as the 2018 Color of the year. Look at the jewel toned nature of these colors.  That gives me a clue that saturated colors are back.  Rich colors that jump out at you, not just a backdrop.

Behr Paints 2018 Color In the Moment

Behr “In The Moment”  T – 1815

Every company jumps the shark, so to speak.  They want to be first.  They want to be different.  That is we should ignore the trend for the most part.  The trends will come and go.  But we live with the colors that we love and won’t tire of easily.  You love red?  Make it yours. Blue green reminds you of your favorite ocean side vacation?  Go for it.  But most of us are going to splash the color of  the year (of any one of these paint companies) here and there around our home in the form of accessories like pillows and other home decor items.

Have fun and embrace what works for you in paint colors.  You can paint again, but would you want to redo your whole house?  So my advice is to schedule a consultation with a certified true color expert.  At Mary Etta Designs, color is one of our favorite consultations. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Mary Etta Designs Your Southern Gal in SoCal

Happy New Year from Mary Etta Designs

Happy New Year from Mary Etta Designs -Reindeer Table Vignette

    Happy New Year from Mary Etta Designs!  I can’t believe that it is 2018.  Seems like we were just talking Y2K.  And now we are nearing the end of the second decade of this century.  This note is to give you an update on reaching Consumer Support for Hunter Douglas.  But first, I’d like to share a bit of news about Mary Etta Designs.

    Many of you have been faithful clients of Mary Etta Designs over the years. And I would like to personally thank you for using us as your interior decorating company. Last year, Mary Etta Designs expanded quite a bit more from specializing in just custom window treatments into including more interior design consultation services.  This new year brings news that Mary Etta is now a certified True Color Expert, trained in the specialty of undertones in color selections you use for your homes and offices.

Why is this important?  Let’s look at one task of choosing a countertop.  Should you choose a Carrara marble countertop in your kitchen, the undertones of the marble’s color will be a blue-gray.

Happy New Year from Mary Etta Designs Carrara Marble Kitchen by Maison de PaxSource

Knowing that informs your choices in paint, flooring and many other choices you make in finishes.  Granite countertops, on the other hand, takes color from the many different minerals that give each lode contains. Shopping for granite countertops, the range of colors and veining makes the task of matching the right shade and stone appearance to your design scheme not only fun, but very important.

Another change in the new year is that Mary Etta Designs has rebranded as “Your Southern Gal in The SoCal.”  Why did I choose this tagline and all of the services that I now offer to you on the attached information sheet on my company. Timeless, classic designs with Southern Styling in mind is the reason. Want to know more?

Give me a call for interior decorating consultations and ask about my existing customers discount that is good until February 1, 2018.

Happy New Year from Mary Etta Designs Foyer

Finally, I want to make sure that those of you who have purchased Hunter Douglas products from me through Costco will want to jot down the revised customer service number.  Already in the new year I have gotten a few calls from those wanting to contact Hunter Douglas for parts and repairs.  The new contact info for Consumer Support at Hunter Douglas is 1-800-789-0331. You can reach us for all your decorating and window treatments at our office number 714.340.3214.

Have a wonderful 2018 and may this new year be your best.Mary Etta Designs Your Southern Gal in SoCal

Holiday Table Settings Trends 2017 – Blush

Holiday Table Settings Trends 2017 - photo by Mary Etta Designs

Designers had me blushing at Holiday Table Settings Trends 2017. The icy pink rose’ color was featured everywhere at Laguna Design Center’s Entertaining by Design 2017  event. Blush has been a sleeper color that seemingly no one was totally embracing until this year.  Now, it’s a full blown color of the moment with no signs of slowing down over the winter holiday.  All you need is a touch to be on trend.

Holiday Table Settings Trends 2017 - photo by Mary Etta Designs

Entertaining By Design features holiday table settings trends by local interior designers every fall. The Laguna Design Center event is a nudge to get your entertainment decorating ideas flowing for the fast approaching holidays.  November 10 and 11 of this year featured a silent auction to raise money for the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.  (I won a couple of bids!)  The holiday table settings trends 2017 had some traditional and some not so traditional surprises as I mentioned in this post.  But the one constant that I noticed was that blush is on trend still.

Holiday Table Settings Trends 2017 Ann Sacks Showroom - photo by Mary Etta Designs

Keeping in step with the holiday table settings trends 2017 blush colors was the Ann Sacks Studio.  The Ann Sacks brand features tile, stone, and luxury plumbing. The studio chose to feature the color blush in this holiday table settings California style and on the patio, of course.

Holiday Table Settings Trends 2017 Rose' All Day - photo by Mary Etta Designs

Ann Sacks at Laguna Design Center declared it Rose’ All Day while serving rose’ champagne and treats to complement and repeat their blush holiday table settings accessories. I may or may not have imbibed a tiny bit.

Holiday Table Settings Trends 2017

The glam holiday table setting shown above definitely shows how today’s holiday themes are a far cry from the traditional red and green of years gone by.

Holiday Table Settings Trends 2017 Interiors Designers Institute Students - photo by Mary Etta Designs

And hats off to the students from Interior Designers Institute.  They featured this beautiful and elegant table setting.  Notice the center ornament hanging above the table.  It’s color is blush!

Mary Etta Designs Orange County Interior Designer

Holiday Table Settings

Holiday Table Settings Laguna Design Center 2017 Hugo Flores - photo Mary Etta Designs

Holiday Table Settings – What’s New This Year

The Laguna Design Center’s annual Entertaining by Design event is a pre-holiday favorite for me each year.  Holiday table settings presentations by local interior designers give you so many good ideas entertain like a pro. I always look for one of my favorite designers, Hugo Flores of Hugo Flores Events.

Holiday Table Settings Laguna Design Center 2017 Lodge - photo by Mary Etta Designs

Tucked away in the Baker Furniture Showroom was this master of events’ presentations for holiday place settings.  Hugo’s use of  traditional Christmas colors red and green was anything but traditional in feel.  Gold antler horns adorned the tree as a topper. They were placed at each table setting and used in the centerpiece.  Nutcrackers, plaid ribbon and a touch of black gave the table a formal but inviting feel.

Holiday Table Settings Laguna Design Center 2017 Mexican Heritage - photo by Mary Etta Designs

Living in California for the past 15 years has exposed me to so many other cultures than when I lived in the  midwest. This homage to Frieda Kahlo  reminded me of that.  Design & Consign’s studio showed us how to celebrate the season with a Mexican theme.  Designer Shawn Rettig had a larger than life table prepared with all the trappings of a fiesta.

Holiday Table Settings Laguna Design Center 2017 Traditional - photo by Mary Etta Designs

“Blues the Hue” is one of my favorite sayings that I have coined. You are always right with blue and white plates and accessories.  This traditional table setting will work for any holiday meal. I love the blue and white delft place setting and the mix of oriental jars and the chintz placemats. The pattern mix is a visual feast that makes your mouth water.

Holiday Table Settings Laguna Design Center 2017 Cris Kittrell - photo by Mary Etta Designs

Rustic and livable was the first impression that I got when entering and viewing Chris Kittrell’s beautiful table setting in the Fremarc Designs showroom.  She and her team approached their holiday table settings with a wooden plank serving tray as a charger!  They were a perfect backdrop for the charcoal gray porcelain holiday place settings ready for aThanksgiving meal.

Holiday Table Settings Laguna Design Center 2017 Whimsical - photo by Mary Etta Designs

Lest we forget, the holidays are not celebrated the same by everyone.  Holiday table settings like this were a beautiful surprise.  Beautiful and whimsical at the same time.   Holidays your way on display.

Holiday Table Settings Laguna Design Center 2017 John Wayne Saloon - photo by Mary Etta Designs

Most fun was the John Wayne popup shop that sold books and memorabilia relating to “the Duke”  and the Cancer Fund notably in his name.  The most innovative table was that of a card game  where a bit of libations were spilt and the card players had hurriedly fled the saloon.  Innovations Lighting was quite innovative in the design of the bar, including a saloon gal of the times.

 Can’t you just hear John Wayne’s slow drawl?  “Come on in Pilgrim.”

Photo by Mary Etta Designs

How To Buy Draperies That Look Great & Work

How To Buy Draperies

How Hard Can It Be To Buy Draperies?

Anyone who has bought draperies knows that it is not as easy as it seems at first glance.  How long and how wide is just the start of all of the things you need to consider when buying drapes for windows in your home.  But admit it. How many of us have been disappointed at the outcome of drapes that we have bought at the store?  There are a few things that you need to consider.  Ask yourself, what are you trying to accomplish with draperies at your windows? Fabric at the window can really soften a room’s look from all of the hard surfaces.  They can help to muffle sounds that echo  from same such surfaces.  Draperies that close completely can help darken a room and add to privacy.  But how hard is it?  Here are a few things you may not even know, or did know but forgot, about buying panels of draperies.

How To Buy Draperies With Valances


Fabric at the window can really soften a room’s look from all of the hard angles and surfaces. Valances need enough projection to allow for the draperies hardware under it. Typically add three inches of projection for each layer of window treatment.  So if you have sheers underneath, they would be at a three inch projection. Then the drapes   would be at six inches and the valance at nine inches.


How To Buy Draperies for the Bedroom

Draperies, like carpeting in a room, help to muffle sounds that echo from outside and hard surfaces. If you like patterned fabrics, it helps to unify a design theme like the circle motif here.

How To Buy Draperies For Room Darkening


 Draperies that close completely can help darken a room and add to privacy. Sheers are great for diffusing the light during the day.  For a better night’s sleep, use room darkening lining on over draperies.

How to Buy Draperies for Privacy


Draperies are great for privacy.  Ideally, If you will open and close draperies, they should be on a traversing rod or rings for easy open and close.

How to Buy Draperies That Puddle


Puddled draperies lend elegance  to a room.  If you opt for puddled draperies to be hung at French doors or sliding doors, while elegant, they will need to be re-styled with each use. Better to have drapes just kiss the floor in this instance.

How to Buy Draperies for Added Layering in a Room.

 Layers are important for achieving a finished custom look. Obtaining a custom look takes planning and custom workmanship. For a custom look in window coverings, contact Mary Etta Designs for your custom window treatments including draperies.  Southern California residents – info@maryettadesigns.com

Mary Etta Designs in VoyageLA

E-Design Color Consultations Florida Den After Mary Etta Designs Orange County Interior Designer


I was approached recently by VoyageLA, a web-based magazine to have an article written about my interior decorating company.  Technically, Orange County is not a part of Los Angeles.  But honestly, we are so close (35 to 45 miles depending upon exact locations) that it is the best way for me to tell friends and family back east about where we’re located.

Of course, I was and still am flattered to be featured.  VoyageLA is how Voyage Media got its start.  With over a million page views about all things happening in Los Angeles, they spread their wings by using the same approach to publish info on other city centers.  What made me say yes was how their approach to sharing info about the greater L.A. area read like a comfortable conversation.

That  approach spoke to how I function at Mary Etta Designs.  Mary Etta Designs is all about hospitality if you haven’t noticed.  As your Southern Gal in the SoCal, the pineapple a sign of welcome and seen repeatedly in the southern states, is central to our logo. In case you missed our logo introduction earlier this year, I wrote about it here.

With permission from VoyageLA, I am reprinting our featured article in its entirety because it gives you a look at who I am and why I love being the owner of Mary Etta Designs Interiors.  Enjoy!

Mary Etta McCurdy Mary Etta Designs Orange County Interior Designer

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mary Etta McCurdy.

Mary Etta, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Born in Georgia, raised in Cleveland Ohio, I now call Southern California my home. Living in Orange County with my husband, Al and our dog, Cocoa, I love the design aesthetic of places like Atlanta, New Orleans, Savannah and other southern cities. Just call me your “Southern Gal in the SoCal.”

I had a very large home that needed to be decorated and my friends and family loved my taste. I started helping my neighbors in Cincinnati, Ohio’s West Chester suburb decorate their homes back in 2000. I was so busy that I thought, “I need to start charging.” The one area that I noticed was most challenging for them was creating window treatments. So for many years, I concentrated on that. In the area’s colder climate, where you are inside for 9 months out of the year, window treatments are a focal point many times.

In 2003 we relocated to Orange County, CA and in a couple of years, I was up and designing again. But the recession and the end of a decade has moved me to shift my focus back to interior decorating and added color consultations as a secondary focus.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
My struggle was trying to fit into the California pared down design vibe that I thought was the only way I would succeed. I participated in trade shows, networked as the newbie in town. And I thought I would move my business in that direction. It was not working for me trying to fit my brand into a direction that my heart was not feeling. And then the recession plus internet shopping slowed me down. In fact, I worked for other companies for a few years.

But the clients that I serve are like me in many cases. They are either transplants from back east or baby boomers. We like our stuff! So I finally rebranded and am moving forward with a new look which includes the pineapple as a nod to southern hospitality.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Mary Etta Designs story. Tell us more about the business.
My mission at Mary Etta Designs is to give your home a look and feel that is warm and welcoming. I feel very strongly that our homes are meant to rise up and welcome us.

And why not welcome everyone that we invite into our personal spaces? I love the approach to decorating often found in southern homes. Look at the great way that homes in the south use layers of textures, fabrics and color that are not too stuffy.

But you will find a feeling of casual elegance. I believe that living well is within everyone’s reach. Everyone has a budget that they need to stick to no matter the income level. My job is to help you live in casual elegance within your budget.

I use a timeless and classic approach to design. This approach allows my clients to have a newly decorated home that will not feel dated as trends come and go. Known as the window treatments experts among my peers, I am the only interior decorator in Orange County, CA that is known as Your Southern Gal in The SoCal.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
Bad Luck = 1) a move from Ohio to a new state only 3 years after I started the firm.

2) Finally up and running in 2005 and right around the corner was the recession.

Good Luck = 1) Facebook Groups! Thank goodness that there are communities of interior decorators and designers to help keep our morale going, share info and continue to educate our clients that even though they have access to items on the internet, there is still a need for help from a professional. 2) As I geared back up to being a solo-preneur, I am now an empty nester. I have so much more time to focus on the business.

Contact Info:

Color Undertones for Interiors

Color is back in interior design in a big way.  Color undertones are everything when pulling off a color combination that is fun and polished.  As a True Color Expert I am certified to see the difference in  color undertones. It’s important when choosing paint colors, upholstery, cabinets or any element in your home.  An undertone is the color underlying a color.  What does that mean? Keep in mind that all colors start from the three primary colors of red, blue and yellow. The rainbow of colors are from combining different colors in different proportions. And that’s why there is always a color hiding beneath. The knockout living room in the home of Ali Wentworth and George Stephanopoulis (shown above), the walls have undertones of green-gray.  In the beautiful bathroom pictured below, the cabinetry and wall color have a violet-gray undertone.

Color and Undertones Mary Etta Designs Orange County Interior Designer Mary Etta Designs Orange County Interior Designer

And contrary to the way that most people want to approach painting the inside of their home, paint is the last color you should pick.  Start with your hard surfaces like counters, cabinets, flooring. Next, choose your upholstery, rugs, drape, and the like.  And finally, you get to decide what colors go on the wall. Your paint color will cue off of the color and undertones of all these choices.  Otherwise, you will be basing all of the other large purchasing decisions on the color and undertones of a paint color.  That makes shopping for the bigger investment pieces a lot trickier.


light or dark color

When comparing colors to see if they work together, decide which color is in charge. The one that is darker will stand out more and usually rule the design.  And darker does not mean a dark color, it just means that the darker of the two or three colors used in the room.  The one with the most “mass” will draw the eye to it and make us pay attention. If the color undertone is a darker value of green for example, even if the two colors being compared are considered light green to the eye, one of them will appear darker.

cool or warm

If You have a Tuscan themed kitchen, you have warm color undertones in your cabinetry, flooring and counters.  So, today is not the day to introduce a blue gray paint color to the mix.  Are you changing out the warm woods of the cabinets or warm and muted tones of your floors and countertop to brighter colors?  Great. Then grays and true whites will work well in your room.  But if that is not the case, stick with warm color undertones. Your whites should be in the warmer cream colors and off whites.

clean or dirty

The current of trend using bright and fresh colors is a nod to the fresh and clean Parisian look.  Knowing how to make this work is a matter of not mixing clean and dirty colors.  Take a look at the picture labeled “clean” above.   Those colors are bright, clean and not considered dirty, or muted.

The bright white backdrop of the walls and table make an excellent canvas for the clean, bright jewel colors in this room designed by southern California’s Jessica McClendon.  The current gray trend makes an excellent backdrop to clean fresh colors.

help when you need it most

Do you need help getting started? Then our Design Consultations will get you going in the right direction.  As a certified trained Marie Killiam True Color Expert, Mary Etta Designs uses larger paint samples to specifiy paint colors for the interior or exterior of you homes.  This gives a truer read of what your colors will look like.  And, we are there when you need help selecting furniture, fabrics, draperies, or finishes for any room.

Save Money: Hire An Interior Designer – Mary Etta Designs.  Contact us at info@maryettadesigns.com.

Mary Etta Designs Orange County Interior DesignerYour Southern Gal in The SoCal

Save Money: Hire An Interior Designer

For those of us who believe that our homes are our sanctuary, it matters a lot what home looks like.  Home is where you go when work day is done.  Home is where you can hide out from all the noise, the crazy and the busy parts of life.  Home is a place of celebration.  So, for us, home wears better clothes than we do at times.

It is for you that I write this blog post. Stop throwing your money away.  What do I mean?  Are you shocked at the amount that a sofa costs?  Well, don’t be surprised when you are buying a new one every 5 years from a store like (fictitious)  Breathing Places.  If you plan on sitting on said sofa  on a regular basis, you will need to replace it on a regular basis.

What we, as design professionals do, is help you find the right size, style and fabric in your upholstery piece that fits within your budget and function.  One that is going to last long enough to get reupholstered maybe when you want it to have a different color.


Save Money: Hire An Interior Designer Orange County Interior Designer Mary Etta Designs

analysis paralysis

Ok, maybe it’s not to the extreme of pulling two chairs together like the lady in the picture above.  But you might be fighting over who gets to stretch out to watch TV and who has to make it work wherever they sit.  Let’s say you need to make that purchase.  It’s the weekend.  After a long work week, weekend activities, and errands, the last thing you want is to hunt for the right sized sofa, pick out a durable and attractive fabric and still wonder if it will go with all of the other pieces in your home.

You’ve lost precious time, brain cells, rest you thought you would get in on your weekend off.  And quite honestly, you’ve probably spent more money on a lesser quality product than you would with an interior designer.  Our job as design professionals is to present you with the right proportioned pieces that coordinate with your style and will function for the purpose that you say that you want. You may as well save money: hire an interior designer.


Save Money: Hire An Interior Designer Symmetrical Orange County Interior Designer Mary Etta Designs

weigh the tradeoff

When people learn that I decorate for a living, their eyes light up and they smile.  And they say, “how fun!”  I love what I do.  But it is a job, a service that I provide for people who treasure their personal spaces.  People trust that I will do the research for them.  They trust me with finding a quality product that fits the bill to the best that their budget will allow.  It is serious enough work when people trust that their hard-earned dollars will be spent and that the final effect is what we together determine that it will be. It is hard work.  I gladly to my job so that you can do yours and not worry about the details until it is time for decisions to be made.

I save you time, angst over what works best, and where to find the pieces for the room you want to decorate.  As a specialist in window treatments and interior decorating, I attend the same market shows on the west coast as well as High Point Market in North Carolina. This is where new pieces are being introduced to all buyers in the design world.  I am right there with reps from furniture stores and other interior designers.  It is my job to advise you on how far into the trend a color or metal finish is when you are ready to buy.  It is my job to make sure that your home doesn’t look outdated as soon as you buy it.  These are not everyday purchases so that is important to you.

save money: hire an interior designer

At Mary Etta Designs, we have a variety of ways that you can take advantage of our services. Do you need help getting started? Then our Design Consultations will get you going in the right direction.  We recently introduced our new, online design consultation services so that we can help our clients who live anywhere in the country.  As a certified trained Marie Killiam True Color Expert, Mary Etta specifies paint colors for the interior or exterior of you homes(on line or in person in the Orange County, California).  And, if you need help selecting furniture, fabrics, draperies, or finishes for any room, that is an area in which we excel.

So Save Money: Hire An Interior Designer – Mary Etta Designs.  Contact us at info@maryettadesigns.com. Or schedule a consultation on our online booking system here.

Mary Etta Designs Orange County Interior DesignerYour Southern Gal in The SoCal

Mary Etta Designs’ New Look

Mary Etta Designs Orange County Interior Designer

Southern Gal in SoCal

How do you like Mary Etta Designs’ new look?  We have a new website and a new logo.  Make sure you scoot on over to  our re-vamped website. I can’t wait for you to see what new things we offer to you all.  There’s a new service offering that allow you to get help from me no matter where you are in the world.  We have joined the world of virtual design, or e-design, as it is more commonly know.

So what is the deal with the Pineapple?  I’m so glad that you asked.  I will explain in a moment.  But first, many of you know that  our family relocated here from Cincinnati, Ohio in 2003. Ohio is a Midwestern state in America. It’s northern border is mostly Lake Erie. Kentucky, West Virginia, and an itty bitty part of Indiana make up Ohio’s southern borders.  That’s a lot of southern influence.  In fact, when you land into what used to be called the Cincinnati Airport, you are not greeted as arriving at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. The nearest city is actually Covington, Ky.

Mary Etta Designs' New Look Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio


Cincinnati, is across the Ohio River, is sometimes referred to by locals as “up south”. The ‘Nati  is loaded with southern charm. You will hear “yes sir” and “yes m’am” more often than not.  And the very polite, “please?’ is not a request for a favor.  It is a request for you to repeat yourself.  And Cincinnati is where Mary Etta Designs was founded.  And my aesthetic lends itself to the layered, (updated) traditional look of southern stylings.  I wrote about my obsession with southern interior styling in this recent blog post.

Mary Etta Designs' New Look Southern Monograms

Southern Living

Wrap around porches, all things monogramed, florals, all lend themselves to the southern aesthetic.  The one constant among southern living is hospitality.  If extended to you, friend or neighbor, it is genuine.  So much so that the pineapple, a decorative symbol for hospitality, will very often be on display on a door, gate, or somewhere in the home.  I decided that’s what Mary Etta Designs does for you, our clients.  We create homes that welcome you and all who enter.

Mary Etta Designs' New Look Pineapple Elsie + Emma A Beautiful Mess

Elsie & Emma A Beautiful Mess

Mary Etta Designs' New Look Easy Pineapple


So the pineapple is the symbol of Mary Etta Designs’ new look. It fits with our new identity perfectly.  Our mission is to help to make your home elegant, yet comfortable and inviting for you and any guests you wish to entertain.  I believe that you can live elegantly and comfortably, right here in Southern California.  Your home deserves a fresh new look.  Contact Mary Etta Designs to get started.  info@maryettadesigns.com.                                     Your Southern Gal in The SoCal

Mary Etta Designs Yorba Linda Interior Designer

3 Great Ways to Hang Draperies on Angled Windows

Mary Etta Designs Angled Windows AD Russia

This room is so beautiful that I had to include it. As the title promises, we’ll l cover 3 ways to hang draperies on angled windows.  In the picture above I love the way the interior designer followed the angle of the ceiling.  And I especially love how the window treatment is “outside of the box,” giving the room a designer touch.

Follow The Angle

Hanging draperies as high as possible looks best and it is especially true with angled windows.  One rule of thumb is to have all drapery panels in a room at the same height.  It is generally more pleasing. If an angled window is also on an angled wall, I like to follow that line like interior designer Jennifer Scully did here.  Of course, that is breaking the rule above.  But by using the same fabric, Jennifer makes it work beautifully here.

Angled Windows -Jennifer Scully Interior Designer

This soft treatment hits the right mood in a teen room.  Easily changed out in the future, sheers are great when you follow the lines of an angled window.  They don’t look too heavy in what is already an awkward window.

Sheers on Angled Windows on Angled Wall Pinterest

Think Outside of The Box

Of the 3 ways to cover angled windows, this is by far the most popular.  Working with a square window is a lot easier than trying to get fabric to drape on an angle.  But that doesn’t mean that those window treatments have to be boring.  Look at how elegant these treatments look.

 Angled Window Fireplace Pinterest

I love the way this tight area around the fireplace becomes a cozy space with the right decor.  The draperies play a large part.  This one of the 3 ways to cover angled windows is dictated by the lack of space on the side of the angled windows. And safety is a large factor with a fireplace.  Keep fabrics at least ten inches away from the hearth.

Angled Windows Wall of Sheers HGTV Rendering

Hang on Medallions

Medallions for hardware instead of drapery rod is a smartest way of the 3 ways to cover angled windows. Make sure that the drape is long enough to reach the desired length, but not too long,  You don’t want excess fabric puddling on the floor.  Custom is a good idea with this drapery treatment.

Susan Keefe Angled Windows Medallions on Angle

Whether you use medallions above or below the angled windows, you will get a designer look if done properly.

 Angled Windows Medallions Below Angle Panaga Home Convention Dallas

Angled Windows Got You Stumped?

Do you have a room that could use help with window treatments on an angled window?  Draperies are our specialty.  If you live in the Orange County, California area, schedule a consultation with Mary Etta Designs.  Call  714 340-3214.  We love to help.

Mary Etta Designs Orange County Interior Designer