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Today’s my birthday!  Those who know me know that I take my birthday very seriously.  It kicks off the winter holiday celebrations. And I like to celebrate with everybody.  You also know that I can’t be working for free.  But this year, I will give a gift of a free room Color Consultation for my birthday!  And since this is my 2nd Annual “It’s My Birthday Giveaway,” there will be two lucky winners this year.

Mary-Etta-Designs- Birthday Giveaway-GuestBedroom-Ralph-Lauren

When I help clients decorate a repurposed space, we start with an empty room.  For example, here’s a guest bedroom that I worked on during the month of November.  First things first: the floorpan.  When it was decided that the dresser, chest and bed would stay, we could make a floor plan that would work for guests to enjoy.  Next was the color palette.

Mary-Etta-Designs-Birthday-Giveaway-HC-172 Revere Pewter BM

For flexibility we kept things neutral and light.  The walls are painted a neutral Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.  This workhorse of a color will work with whatever bedding changes take place in the future. Since the bed is a lighter wood, Revere Pewter is a great balance in light for the dark, heavy furniture pieces.  That reveal will come in a future post.

Mary-Etta-Designs- Birthday Giveaway Ralph-Lauren-Home-Decor

Hint: the room used to belong to the homeowner’s son.  To make him feel welcome when he is home for the holidays, I thought that the “mad for plaid” by Ralph Lauren theme might soften the blow with a bit of a masculine touch. That way, he won’t feel too much like it is no longer his room (even though it really isn’t).

The painting is done. The color consultation solidified the move ahead to finalize bedding and accessories.  Now we are waiting on lighting and window treatments, which will be installed next week.  The finish line is near and the room will be ready for Christmas visitors (and, oh yeah, the son).

If you want to one of two lucky winners for a FREE Color Consultation from Mary Etta Designs, leave a comment below and I will select a winner by 5 p.m. December 2!  Happy Holidays.

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Use a Window Fashions Designer!

Mary Etta

Have you been at lunch when someone wants you to give them the details of what is needed to complete a complex task (related to your line of work) in between bites of salad?

It happens to interior decorators far too often. For some reason, my friends think that I can recall the intimate details of their living spaces and conjure up a quick solution that won’t cost them an arm and leg.

And, while I fancy myself a solutions based designer, it just does not work that way. First of all, when I am with friends, I turn a blind eye to their decor. Can you imagine your brain spinning 24-7?      Exhausting!

Here are a couple of reasons why you should value working with a window fashions designer. 

Motorized Hunter Douglas Shades

Motorized Hunter Douglas Shades

1. Be prepared to be amazed. As in all areas of our life, technology has changed immensely in the last five years. OK, you may not want to motorize the operation of your window treatments. But the assortment of lifting systems alone provides so many more options than the last time you may have purchased window coverings, that you will need to be brought up to speed on that and other options.

2. Be prepared to set aside a couple of hours to discuss “what you really, really want” as the Spice Girls put it a few years ago. For instance, fabrication has improved for the finishes of wood shutters. The days of real quality wood flaking are long gone. And basic honeycomb shades (also known as cellular shades) are anything but basic. There are a variety of cell sizes and fabric finishes, thereby giving them an updated look often good enough to stand alone.

3. Be prepared to invest more than you thought. Yes, it may cost you more than your granite to outfit your home in cellular shades. After all, most energy is lost through the windows of the home. So you want quality window coverings that will last. Typically, we want the best and that’s gonna cost ya! Remember,window coverings have to perform as you expect: opening and closing properly without delaminating or falling apart for the next 20 years or whenever you choose to replace them.

So the net time you decide to purchase window coverings, don’t get your information from a friend over lunch. Make an investment of time with a professional Window Fashions Designer and your investment is sure to be a sound one.

Call Mary Etta Designs for all of your window fashions needs at 714 974-6571 or simply fill out our Design Consultation Form by clicking here.

Summer Window Coverings Now!

Shutters Provide Excellent Solar Heat Control

Shutters Provide Excellent Solar Heat Control



Honeycomb Shades help keep heat outside in summer.

Many of you are starting to think of those lazy summer days.  In southern California, that can be pretty hot.  And you will need to pump up that air conditioning.  Do you see dollar bills flying out the window?

Save energy and money by investing in smart window coverings.  It’s a known fact that heat is attracted to the glass surface of windows.  And the best way to keep heat inside or outside of windows is with an innovative window covering.  This time of year,  Mary Etta Designs clients ask about  Hunter Douglas Shutters. Shutters have long been known to “shut” out the heat or cold and help lower you energy bill.

But, have you considered honeycomb shades?  Hunter Douglas touts it’s line of Duette Architella shades as the most energy efficient shades on the market.  Duette Architella shades reduce energy loss at the window by up to 40% with the cell within a cell design.  And you can even claim them for an energy tax credit.  Just in time for tax season.

This year, Hunter Douglas  introduced Trielle Architella Shades.  Dare I say there are six layers of protection against the heat. That’s right: a cell within a cell within a lightweight cell. That’s 20% more energy savings than the original Duette Architella honeycomb shade.   Savings and beauty.  Call Mary Etta Designs for all of your summer energy savings in window fashions.

We’ve Got Your Windows Covered! (TM)







All About the Swag ~ Window Coverings

All About the Swag ~ Window Coverings

Do you have swag window treatments?  Out dated?

You don’t say?  No really.  Don’t say that swags are out dated. Look at the example below of a modern swag treatment that I designed for a teen room not too long ago.  What makes this window covering  modern (and relatable to a young adolescent) is the fabric.

No flowery chintz for this modern Swag Cornice window treatment.  The harlequin pattern on the cornice board gives it a bit of whimsy and makes it hard to take this treatment too seriously.  That equals fun.  The swag in front in the same designer faux silk fabric, gives the window treatment a softening touch.  Finally, the side panels are a beautiful sheer embellished with real Swarovski Crystals!

And underneath it all is the Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shade for sleeping in on Saturdays of course.


This Swag Cornice has just the right glamour for this teen's bedroom.


Working With a Neutral Pallette

Working With a Neutral Pallette


Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shade

One goal in designing a home or office is to keep major furniture pieces in a neutral tone so that your investment is not soon outdated.  But you want to add interest and style to your environment.

How do you keep them from falling flat?  One way would be to choose an odd number of colors as your accent colors and use them throughout your living space.

These beautiful Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman shades will last years for this homeowner and work with whatever color side panel drapes they decide to use.  They function beautifully as light control, sun protection and energy conservation.  And the blue draperies give the room just the serenity you need for a good night’s sleep.

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