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Today’s my birthday!  Those who know me know that I take my birthday very seriously.  It kicks off the winter holiday celebrations. And I like to celebrate with everybody.  You also know that I can’t be working for free.  But this year, I will give a gift of a free room Color Consultation for my birthday!  And since this is my 2nd Annual “It’s My Birthday Giveaway,” there will be two lucky winners this year.

Mary-Etta-Designs- Birthday Giveaway-GuestBedroom-Ralph-Lauren

When I help clients decorate a repurposed space, we start with an empty room.  For example, here’s a guest bedroom that I worked on during the month of November.  First things first: the floorpan.  When it was decided that the dresser, chest and bed would stay, we could make a floor plan that would work for guests to enjoy.  Next was the color palette.

Mary-Etta-Designs-Birthday-Giveaway-HC-172 Revere Pewter BM

For flexibility we kept things neutral and light.  The walls are painted a neutral Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.  This workhorse of a color will work with whatever bedding changes take place in the future. Since the bed is a lighter wood, Revere Pewter is a great balance in light for the dark, heavy furniture pieces.  That reveal will come in a future post.

Mary-Etta-Designs- Birthday Giveaway Ralph-Lauren-Home-Decor

Hint: the room used to belong to the homeowner’s son.  To make him feel welcome when he is home for the holidays, I thought that the “mad for plaid” by Ralph Lauren theme might soften the blow with a bit of a masculine touch. That way, he won’t feel too much like it is no longer his room (even though it really isn’t).

The painting is done. The color consultation solidified the move ahead to finalize bedding and accessories.  Now we are waiting on lighting and window treatments, which will be installed next week.  The finish line is near and the room will be ready for Christmas visitors (and, oh yeah, the son).

If you want to one of two lucky winners for a FREE Color Consultation from Mary Etta Designs, leave a comment below and I will select a winner by 5 p.m. December 2!  Happy Holidays.

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Choose Paint or Curtains First?

Choose Paint or Curtains First?



Paint or Fabric? Which would you start with for inspiration for your home’s color choices.? I, of course, recommend the fabric!  Window Treatments are my jumping off point for deciding what color a room needs to be in home design.  And why not?  It is a lot easier to color match your paint to a room’s fabric choices than the other way around.  Even if you fall madly in love with a beautiful designer fabric within your budget, it won’t matter if its the wrong color once you’ve painted the entire room that color you “thought” would work with any thing.  So stick to the inspiration of the fabric first.  Use one of the colors in your window designs for clues on what paint color should be on the walls.left.letterhead

Window Treatments “Perk” to Sell Homes

Window Treatments “Perk” to Sell Homes

A Hunter Douglas Duette Shade with the battery powered Power Rise system is a plus for selling a home with a window that is not easy to reach.[/caption]

Often when I am working with clients on custom window coverings, they hesitate to make the investment of what could be a couple thousand dollars for the whole home in blinds or shades because they might move in five years.  That’s when the investment will really pay off!  When selling my own home in Ohio before moving to California, one of the things that set my home apart from all the others on the market was the interior designed custom window treatments!  We are talking about a few thousand dollars of beautiful draperies that I had enjoyed for about seven years.  Was I sad to leave them behind?  Yes.  Do I regret the investment?  Definitely not! We had a bidding war on our home for sale that tickled my husband and I to death.  So enjoy your window treatments now and let the investment pay off when you sell your home!.

Click Here to see how  Centruy 21 speaks to that same investment in an article published in “Home Matters”.left.letterhead

Downsizing with a Smile

Downsizing with a Smile

IMG_4029The Upside of Down Sizing is a book that I’m currently reading by author Karen O’Connor. She States that there are 50 ways to create a cozy life!  Really Karen?  Really?  Let me just read about that and see.

There are a few reasons that I choose to start 2012 reading this book.

Reason #1 ~ I was looking the empty nest smack dab in the eye at the end of 2010.  And contrary to my much anticipated state of empty, I did not like it.

Thought I would.  But parenting up close and personal seemed to end before I was ready.  I mean, I had been so looking forward to coming home to a house just the way that I left it.  It would be great to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.  Since I work from home a lot of the time, that should be easy.

What I found was I got really loose with the organization and upkeep of my home without someone to yell at.  And I did not really care to do much of anything.  I think that is a direct result of letting my enjoyment of my living space slip a bit.

Reason #2 ~ So I want to explore the aspect of this empty nest thing from a design point of view.  Downsizing sounds very attractive to me right now.  There are rooms that no longer mean the same thing without the essence of the people who inhabited them being there.  And let’s face it.  It would be less costly to heat or cool a smaller domain.  Now just to convince the hubby.

Reason #3 ~ Which brings me to the third reason for looking on the upside of downsizing.  I have to convince my husband that he can let go of the status of lots of space.  Beauty is attainable wherever the home is; however large or small.

And, while I figure it out for myself, I also would like to address the downsizing of America.  Some are downsizing like I did because their children have grown into adults. And I think they want to quick move on before the kids move back!

But many, many more are downsizing out of necessity.  The economy has turned some of the McMansion owners into apartment, condo, or smaller home dwellers.  Well, you know what they say:  less is more.  And it can be cozy.  Stay tuned.left.letterhead