Bedroom Design Trends in 2018

Bedroom Design

Are you wondering what bedroom design trends you’ll love in 2018 that are good choices for supporting healthy sleep? Recently, the team at Tuck Sleep Foundation reached out to me. Tuck is a community devoted to improving sleep hygiene, health and wellness through unbiased, free web-based resources. Tuck has been featured on NPR, Lifehacker, Radiolab and is referenced by many colleges/universities and sleep organizations across the web. So I agreed to share this article written by Myra Campbell (except for a few italicized comments by me ).  Myra’s bio is at the end of the post.

What I Learned

First of all, this group is a wonderful resource for all matters pertaining to healthy sleep habits. The team at Tuck Sleep Foundation has been researching the science behind sleep, and they’ve collected some great information on why some bedroom design choices create a relaxing sleep environment while others make us feel uncomfortable. So a great bedroom environment is key for a good night’s sleep. Where you sleep can influence the quality of your sleep, making it easy to relax and drift off to sleep. Or, it can be stress inducing, making it difficult to let go of anxiety and get the sleep you need to feel your best.

Color matters

Retreat-like atmospheres are becoming more popular. With soothing and well blended colors, your bedroom design can be more calming. Cool greens, light creams, and purples are seen more often. Light blues are a particularly good choice for a serene, sleep inducing bedroom. Designers are often focusing on fabrics that are soft, comfortable, and calming. These are an excellent choice for sleep.  Surveys have found that people with blue-painted bedrooms get the most sleep.


Mid century modern style has been a trend for several years, and it’s not slowing down. There’s good reason: the streamlined look of modern design is an excellent choice for bedrooms, keeping your sleeping area free of distractions. Along the lines of mid century style, minimalism is taking bedrooms down to the essentials with clean lines and an absence of clutter. You can follow this trend with a minimalist platform bed without a headboard, a limited color scheme, and little to no trinkets or clutter.

Surprisingly, second place goes not to another cool color, but to yellow.

 Order is important

Scientists have found that sleeping in a cluttered space makes us anxious, reducing sleep length and quality.  So even when you are a person who likes books and containers on your nightstand, they still need to be presented in an orderly manner like the yellow room’s night table above.Mid century modern style has been a trend for several years, and it’s not slowing down. There’s good reason: the streamlined look of modern design is an excellent choice for bedrooms, keeping your sleeping area free of distractions.

Light is Key

They spend more time talking about light and sleep than almost any other subject. To balance your circadian rhythms you need a room that’s dark and cozy after sundown, but bright and airy when it’s time to get up. Keeping your bedroom dark can help you feel sleepy at night and maintain an appropriate circadian rhythm.

Blackout Window Coverings

With blackout blinds or curtains, you’re able to keep light from outside your window out of your bedroom at night. However, it’s a good idea to open them up during the day, particularly the morning when you can use a fresh dose of sunshine to wake up effectively.  As a window fashions specialist, I am all about light control and using the right type of window coverings coupled with controls that automatically open or close when you want. 

Wood Plank Walls:

Wood plank walls are a far cry from the wood paneling of the 70s. Today’s woodsy walls are wide planked and often horizontal They add a warmth and coziness to your bedroom design, and they are practical for sleep: wood is sound absorbent and can help soften noise so you can sleep easier at night.

Bedroom Design Trends 2018 Wood Plank Walls Mary Etta Designs


Fresh Flowers

A light pop of color and life can freshen up your room, and fresh flowers are always delightful. Fresh flowers can offer aromatherapy, making it easier to fall asleep. Cut lavender in particular can be soothing and sleep inducing. Many people use oil diffusers for health and vitality, and the bedroom is no exception. You can diffuse calming and comforting scents in your room to change the atmosphere and make it easier to sleep.

Four Poster Beds

This classic style offers a closed in and cozy feeling. Often, today’s four poster beds stand alone without curtains, but you can add curtains to block light and better induce sleep. And of course you will want a mattress made just to fit your body and sleep habits. The internet is an excellent resource for design inspiration, but consumers today are doing more than just looking. They’re turning to online outlets to purchase what they need to create a well appointed bedroom, from mattresses to furniture, linens, and accents.  But if you are like me, you will want to test drive your mattress. Locally, I recommend Custom Comfort Mattresses handcrafted right here in Orange County California. The family owned business uses the highest quality natural materials from right here in the United States.

Ready for the best night’s rest you’ve had in years?  Mary Etta Designs will help you with your bedroom design in 2018.  Orange County residents call our office today  714.340.3214 and schedule your consultation.

Myra Campbell is a researcher for the sleep science and health organization, Her passion for art and design brought her into the field. She began by researching how to create a relaxing bedroom and learned that great design can help improve our health and well-being. Myra lives in southern California and shares her queen-sized bed with two rescue dogs.

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Happy New Year from Mary Etta Designs

Happy New Year from Mary Etta Designs -Reindeer Table Vignette

    Happy New Year from Mary Etta Designs!  I can’t believe that it is 2018.  Seems like we were just talking Y2K.  And now we are nearing the end of the second decade of this century.  This note is to give you an update on reaching Consumer Support for Hunter Douglas.  But first, I’d like to share a bit of news about Mary Etta Designs.

    Many of you have been faithful clients of Mary Etta Designs over the years. And I would like to personally thank you for using us as your interior decorating company. Last year, Mary Etta Designs expanded quite a bit more from specializing in just custom window treatments into including more interior design consultation services.  This new year brings news that Mary Etta is now a certified True Color Expert, trained in the specialty of undertones in color selections you use for your homes and offices.

Why is this important?  Let’s look at one task of choosing a countertop.  Should you choose a Carrara marble countertop in your kitchen, the undertones of the marble’s color will be a blue-gray.

Happy New Year from Mary Etta Designs Carrara Marble Kitchen by Maison de PaxSource

Knowing that informs your choices in paint, flooring and many other choices you make in finishes.  Granite countertops, on the other hand, takes color from the many different minerals that give each lode contains. Shopping for granite countertops, the range of colors and veining makes the task of matching the right shade and stone appearance to your design scheme not only fun, but very important.

Another change in the new year is that Mary Etta Designs has rebranded as “Your Southern Gal in The SoCal.”  Why did I choose this tagline and all of the services that I now offer to you on the attached information sheet on my company. Timeless, classic designs with Southern Styling in mind is the reason. Want to know more?

Give me a call for interior decorating consultations and ask about my existing customers discount that is good until February 1, 2018.

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Finally, I want to make sure that those of you who have purchased Hunter Douglas products from me through Costco will want to jot down the revised customer service number.  Already in the new year I have gotten a few calls from those wanting to contact Hunter Douglas for parts and repairs.  The new contact info for Consumer Support at Hunter Douglas is 1-800-789-0331. You can reach us for all your decorating and window treatments at our office number 714.340.3214.

Have a wonderful 2018 and may this new year be your best.Mary Etta Designs Your Southern Gal in SoCal