Where Do You Start When Decorating a Room?

               W.R.A.P. Your Room

It is getting warm and you’re ready to spruce up the nest at home, right?  Are you are ready to start decorating a room? But where do you start?  You can stop turning around in  circles going from floor to walls to floor again.  I have a really simple W.R.A.P. method that I suggest you follow.


Living room design.
It should come as no surprise that I like to start at the windows with window treatments in a room. Why?  It is the single most defining element in your space.  Windows are the eyes to your home. Our eyes naturally go to the light of these openings.  It can definitely be a finishing touch or the jumping off point. Pattern, texture or colors can dramatically affect the design of a room.

Do you need privacy, sun protection, heat control? Or do you need sound absorption, easy lifting controls, or a decorative finish? Once you answer these questions, what form the window treatments take is made easier.


precious Middle Eastern rugs Handmade wool for sale in the antiq
Another textile that can be an inspiration for style direction is the rug you choose.  Rugs ground a space, defining where key furniture pieces will be placed.  Though rugs act as a backdrop, that is a foil for how important a part rugs play in color and texture in a space. Start with your choice of rugs and the choices you make for paint, accessories and furniture can flow easily.

interior details in rustic style

Definitely the most fun part of decorating, accessories should tell a story.  We get to know who you are, what are your interests and where have you been in your travels.  Accessories should reflect your authentic self.  This is the last step in the order of decorating a room.  I list it here so that the W.R.A.P. list makes sense.


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While this is not your very last step, it should not be your first.  It should follow your selection of textiles.  You will make the process of decorating so much harder trying to find fabrics that match your wall color. Start with a pattern taken from your draperies, furniture, rug, or pillow fabrics.  Pick colors from one of these and adapt it to your paint color.

Follow the W.R.A.P. method to decorate a room and you will be able to plan your decorating with less confusion.