MARY ETTA Window Fashions    Designer

Have you been at lunch when someone wants you to give them the details of what is needed to complete a complex task (related to your line of work) in between bites of salad?

It happens to interior decorators far too often.  For some reason, my friends think that I can recall the intimate details of their living spaces and conjure up a quick solution that won’t cost them an arm and  leg.  And, while I fancy myself a solutions based designer, it just does not work that way.  First of all, when I am with friends, I turn a blind eye to their decor.  Can you imagine your brain spinning 24-7?  Exhausting!

Here are a couple of reasons why you should value working with a window fashions designer.

  1. Be prepared to be amazed.  As in all areas of our life, technology has changed immensely in the last five years. OK, you may not want to motorize the operation of your window treatments.  But the assortment of lifting systems alone provides so many more options than the last time you may have purchased window coverings, that you will need to be brought up to speed on that and other options.
  2. Be prepared to set aside a couple of hours to discuss “what you really, really want” as the Spice Girls put it a few years ago.  For instance, fabrication has improved for the finishes of wood shutters.  The days of real quality wood flaking are long gone.  And basic honeycomb  shades (also known as cellular shades) are anything but basic.  There are a variety of cell sizes and fabric finishes, thereby giving them an updated look often good enough to stand alone.
  3. Be prepared to invest more than you thought.  Yes, it may cost you more than your granite to outfit your home in cellular shades.  After all, most energy is lost through the windows of the home.  So you want quality window coverings that will last.  Typically, we want the best and that’s gonna cost ya!  Remember,window coverings have to perform as you expect: opening and closing properly without delaminating or falling apart for the next 20 years or whenever you choose to replace them.

So the net time you decide to purchase window coverings, don’t get your information from a friend over lunch. Make an investment of time with a professional Window Fashions Designer and your investment is sure to be a sound one.    Call Mary Etta Designs for all of your window fashions needs at 714 974-6571.